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Digital Marketing Agency, Austin TX

Authority Web is a digital marketing agency located in Austin, TX. We have years of experience in all the key aspects of internet marketing and specialize in helping small businesses improve their visibility online.

Internet Marketing Service

Authority Web, as an internet marketing service, helps your company increase business with intuitive online strategies. With comprehensive research into your online market we can develop and implement sound strategies that increase your online visibility and ultimately generate leads. Through options like social media strategies, paid search and data tracking, we can determine which strategies work best for your company.

Website Design

The design of a site is usually the first thing you notice when visiting a page. The more visually appealing your site is, the better your first impression. A beautiful site doesn’t only create an inviting atmosphere; it also lends credibility to your website and organization.

However, our goal isn’t just beautiful and engaging design. We also aim to create sleek, functional websites that work seamlessly across all devices. With a minimalist coding philosophy and the use of responsive and adaptive design, we can create a site that offers a smooth user experience whether it is being viewed on a desktop or a smartphone.

If you are looking for sleek, functional and engaging design, call our Austin office today.

Marketing Agency

Sometimes an excellent website isn’t enough. You may also have to increase you’re the reach of your organization on the web through marketing strategies. At Authority Web Austin, TX, we don’t just develop websites we also develop your web presence as a marketing agency. By taking a close look at your industry, competitors and your social media strategy and then tracking the success of different tactics we can come up with a plan to increase your online visibility.

Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, we can help you find an online marketing strategy that works for you. With thorough market research, we can see the typical online practices that occur in your industry. Then with competitive analysis, we look at other companies in the industry and what works, and doesn’t work, for them.

When we’ve researched your site and the online arena that you operate within, we can give you solid marketing options and advice to further your organization’s online presence.

Graphic Design

Solid graphic design adds visual value to your site and can effectively draw in your target audience. Graphic design doesn’t only bolster the visual appeal of your website, it can also develop your brand. With customized banners, logos and infographics, your site develops personality. Plus, a unique logo can increase your brand recognition across social media platforms.

From our New York location, we have developed personalized graphics for brands all over the country. If you are looking for an engaging graphic designer to increase your website’s visual appeal and to strengthen your brand recognition, contact Authority Web today.

For more information, contact Authority Web’s Austin office.

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